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"Americana" Series for beginning band orchestra will be available soon. This series covers music from American's early times to today and will include a narration. This series is designed for a presentation for your next program or can be used separately just for fun. The music will be arranged so your beginners can play easy harmony and will also include a part if a student starts late in your class. This gives an extra sense of accomplishment for each child. It is also designed to use for a Common Core Project and will have helpful hints for expanding into an enrichment project.

Music For Beginning String Orchestra

Check out our new Music For Beginning String Orchestra. We are excited about our new line-up and added collection of string orchestra music to our site with much more on the way. We are in the process of adding example pages and soundbytes for some of the pieces. We also have a complete listing of all our string orchestra music. New ones will be added soon.



So' you have performed locally, moved on to a regional market and now you're headed for the big time. To make sure you put your best foot forward, you will need to present you and/or your band or act in a professional manner. The last thing you want to do is think this part of your presentation is not important.

1st Annual Songwriter's Workshop

Overstreet Enterprises
Tommy Overstreet Music & Productions
Post Office Box 236, Hillsboro, Oregon   97123 - 0236

To all aspiring Songwriters and singers

Please join us Saturday, September 16, 2006 in Pittsburg, Kansas for the 1st Annual Songwriter's Workshop. I believe each of you who attend will gain a considerable amount of knowledge and expertise. Further I believe at the conclusion of the Workshop you will know whether this is truly the course you wish to travel.